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About Fabelizer
Fabelizer creates magical visual experiences for young children.The guiding vision of Fabelizer is to create a global community of children bound by strong morals...
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Bridging the Gap
There is a huge demand for entertainment for young children, a gap in the market that is only addressed by shopping malls, badly produced plays and a limited number of animation films...
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Creating Impact
22% of the world’s population is comprised of children aged between two and eight years. Watching TV is the number one leisure activity for children in this age group...
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Fabelizer Pillars

Our Team

Naqisa Miriam Naqisa, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a media entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in the industry. An alumnus of Media Studies from The University of the Arts, London, she also founded Xeco Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and London’s first international student film festival: SFFL.

Farooq Ahmad Farooq heads creative processes and manages the operations team at Fabelizer. Farooq has over 12 years of experience as a Media professional. Starting as a print journalist, he moved on to TV journalism and eventually film production. Over the last 6 years Farooq has worked on Live Sports, Films, TV shows and Web series in USA

Alex Barrett Alex heads the script department at Fabelizer. His films have screened at over 60 international festivals and garnered ten awards. His debut feature, LIFE JUST IS, was released theatrically in the UK in December 2012. Sight & Sound contributor Brad Stevens called it "one of the most promising debuts in contemporary cinema", while Mark Kermode acclaimed it as 'DVD of the Week'.

Karishma Talitha Karishma, the Chief Analytics Officer, brings years of experience in research and analytics to the Fabelizer team having worked with international companies like IPSOS, Baptist Group and Grameen Bank. She is pursuing an MSc Economics from the London School of Economics.

Rajdeep Dandekar Rajdeep is the Production Head of Fabelizer. As part of an acclaimed Academy Award winner, his team won the Best Visual Effects for a feature film category for the movie, ‘The Golden Compass’ (2007). His experience of over a decade, and expertise in media & feature films like The Incredible Hulk, Hop, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Yogi Bear (3D) has wowed both industry experts & critics.

Savio Rodrigues Savio, the Chief Financial Officer, has 15 years of experience in finance having worked with Pritesh Nandy Communications, Deloitte, Eiffel Developers and Brick Eagle Group. He is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountancy, India.

Rhea Silva Rhea is involved in fund raising. She has worked in marketing and finance with Job Corp Pvt. Ltd. and Silvex Realty Ltd. respectively. Rhea is an alumnus of St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai and is pursuing Company Secretaryship and IP Law from Government Law College, India.

Savin Tuscano Savin Tuscano has directed more than 50 television commercials and more recently a children’s film titled “Vroom Adventures” produced by Fox television studios. Savin is an applied art student, who specialized in photography, film and television. He has also been working in the Bollywood film industry for over a decade.

Conan D'Agostino Conan D'Agostino is an Edinburgh based, Aberdeen born screenwriter who graduated with an MA in Screenwriting from Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier University. He holds an extremely high level at the BBC Writersroom and in 2015, he was selected as one of the screenwriters to take part in the Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab.

Marissa Russell Merissa has been writing stories and screenplays for 15 years and has a deep passion and understanding for the imaginative world of children's films. An alumnus from renowned institutions such as Vesalius College (Belgium), European Film College (Denmark), and City University London (U.K.), Merissa has enjoyed thorough international training as a film maker.

Nicholas Horwood Nick won Final Draft's Big Break contest twice and has attended filmmaking programs in Denmark, France and Italy. He has written several films, screened at festivals, including the BFI London, Palm Springs, New York, Montreal and Munich. His film 'Funday' was nominated for a Welsh BAFTA and he was mentored by Tony Grisoni and David Reynolds. His work has drawn praise from Simon Kinberg as well as the New York Times."

Sini George Sini brings with her, over 12 years of experience in unearthing Human Potential and Resource facilitation. She has worked in many industries which has given her professional exposure in the Real Estate, Education, Steel, Media and the Auto segment. Sini also holds a Masters Degree in both Personnel Management and Philosophy.


Fabelizer Inc. is a Dubai based company created for the production and distribution of commercially viable films for children. These films are produced globally and dubbed in international languages to reach children across the world.


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Fabelizer is committed to creating a platform to encourage and promote creative talent. This is an opportunity to not only bring life to your ideas, but also to contribute to a community dedicated to creating quality entertainment for children. more

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