Aichu is a young girl with a passion for plants and protecting the environment. Thanks to a special gift given to her by an extra friendly extra-terrestrial, Aichu has the power to turn invisible – a gift she'll use to help keep the world green, one unseen step at a time! Aichu and her friends, Fara, Sheena and Lewis are destined for a journey full of fun and adventure. Will they be able solve the mystery of the monsters and save the park from Mr. Blackwood? Can Aichu save the forest, uncover an evil florist’s secret ingredient and help her extra terrestrial friend on the far away planet of Nicymodula?

Why Aichu

Through the adventures of Aichu and her friends, AICHU embodies the core values that Fabelizer stands for by presenting an exciting story which promotes important moral values. Aichu's strong resolve and determination to succeed make her a positive role model for children and her fight to save the park highlights the importance of the environment. Thereby helping children to form an interest in such issues. In addition, her relationships with Fara, Sheena and Lewis show the importance of friendship and teamwork.


Running time:
TV - 20 minsX20 episodes (in development)
Web - 4 minsX100 webisodes (in development)

CGI Animation | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1080p HD | Picture: Colour | Sound: Stereo

Available Languages:
English (primary language), Dubbed in Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Malay and French.